Campaign Planning

Build Your Team and Launch a Campaign

Building a team of passionate peers to work on the campaign alongside you is critical to success. The more people that are involved the more you all can accomplish, the more power the campaign will have and the more fun it will be! The Student PIRGs have used their decades of experience organizing on college campuses to put together an activist toolkit for students. Download their tips and how-tos of recruitment to begin building your team and check out the full toolkit on our research page.

Check out our 100 Percent Renewable Campus campaign organizing one-pager that you can send to your peers to help build your team!

When you have a core team of students who are ready to organize the campus community for 100 percent renewable energy, you need to publicly launch your campaign! To let the campus community know about the launch of the campaign you can send our campaign launch letter to the campus administration and have it printed in your campus newspaper.