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Boston, MA – Massachusetts’ largest university took a big step towards leading the country on climate action by committing to purchase 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind by end of 2018.

On Thursday, the Boston University Board of Trustees voted to pass the BU Bold Climate Action Plan, which would, among other things, commit the university to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2018 and net zero carbon emissions by 2040, quickly scale up energy efficiency and electrification of buildings to transition to renewable energy, and improve the campus’ resilience to climate change.

“Colleges and universities across the country are situated to lead the charge to a 100 percent renewable energy future”, said Jake Taber, Clean Energy Associate with Environment America. “Boston University has placed itself at the front of the pack with a bold commitment to 100 percent renewable electricity”.

The overwhelming vote of support from the Board of Trustees echoes the broad based support from the campus community. DivestBU, with the help of Environment America, organized 155 faculty at Boston University to voice their support in a letter to President Brown. 45 student groups representing nearly 7,000 students also voiced their support in a letter to the Board of Trustees, urging at adoption of the strongest Climate Action Plan.

Ahead of the Board of Trustee vote, the Faculty Council voted nearly unanimously in support of a resolution calling on the University to adopt the BU Bold Climate Action Plan. Boston University’s Student Government Association voted in support of a similar resolution as well.

“As a member of the BU community I couldn’t be more proud and happy about the decision of the Trustees to approve a bold Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the University”, said Professor Jennifer Luebke, professor at the Boston University School of Medicine and member of the DivestBU Faculty. “This ambitious CAP, developed through more than a year of intensive work by the CAP Taskforce comprised of students, faculty and staff at BU, will enable BU to take a leadership role in local and regional efforts to mitigate, and respond to, climate change in a truly meaningful way. Everyone affiliated with BU can be excited and motivated to be a part of this great effort, which will make BU a role model for other institutions throughout the city and state!”

Jake Taber,, 617-800-4302
Bronte Payne,, 248-410-4857

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